Beijing Kickers General Terms & Conditions

1. Liability in case of accident, sickness and damage to property

Insurance is the responsibility of each participant. The Beijing Kickers and partners disclaim any liability of any kind for any injury, accident, illness or damage to property, to a participant or any third party.

2. Liability in case of theft or loss

The Beijing Kickers and partners are not responsible for any theft or loss of valuables or cash.

3. Health information

With registration, the participant or his/her guardian confirms that the participant is healthy, fully resilient and can complete the program without restrictions. Everybody takes part in training and events independently and at his/her own risk. The parent or guardian must notify the organizer in writing about any existing conditions or other health problems as well as details regarding the regular or irregular intake of medication.

4. Behavior

Each participant needs to follow instruction given by any Beijing Kickers personel. In case of violation, the Beijing Kickers have the right to exclude any participant from training or other events. There is no entitlement for a refund of participation fees.

5. Cancellation of Beijing Kickers Events

The Beijing Kickers reserve the right to cancel a training session or any other event due to insufficent number of participants. A full refund of the participation fee will be given.

6. Weather & Air Quality (AQI)

Beijing Kickers Junior Coaching programs are carried out regardless of the weather. Exceptions are outdoor classes where play must be assessed as dangerous in bad weather. It may happen that when deciding to cancel a class we can’t contact all the parents in time to inform them accordingly. In case of cancellation due to weather (or poor air quality) Beijing Kickers will make every effort to organize a make-up class. However, this cannot be guaranteed. In this case, no refund will be given.

If two hours before the scheduled start of the class the AQI exceeds 200, the program will not take place. This policy applies only to outdoor events. Indoor classes are not affected and are independent of the AQI level. If an event has already begun and the AQI increases beyond this limit, it will continue until the end. All our coaches are encouraged to adapt the activities to the changed conditions.

7. Reimbursement for Junior Coaching program

If a Beijing Kickers season is not completed in full, participants will be compensated for the remaining part of the season. When a participant decides to withdraw from a program up to 2 days before the beginning, a 100% refund is guaranteed. If after the first session of a program a participant no longer wishes to continue, a 75% refund is guaranteed. No refunds will be made after the second lesson. If a participant is not able to continue the program for medical reasons (a medical certificate is required as proof), a pro-rata refund for the value of the remaining classes will be made. We are basically making every effort to ensure the availability of our venues. Occasionally it may happen that our program needs to be changed at short notice due to unavailability of venues. In this case, we will try to arrange either a make-up class, extra lesson or offer an alternative venue.

8. Photo, Film and Data rights

The participant or his/her guardian are giving their consent that all photo and film footage produced by Beijing Kickers may be used, even for the purpose of their own advertising. If they don’t agree to such use, the Beijing Kickers are to be informed in writing.

9. General Provisions

The invalidity of any of these above provision shall not affect the validity of all other provisions. Ineffective passages are replaced by effective,as close as possible to the original intent.