Christmas Holiday Indoor Football Camp 2020

On December 21st-24th, the Beijing Kickers will host a half-day indoor football camp at the “Lark Wu Mart Houshayu Basketball Gymnasium” in Shunyi.
Our indoor football camp’s sessions are aimed at developing the soccer skills of participants including agility, positioning, ball control, passing and moving, formations and tactics, but also the ability to attack and defend. Regardless of your level, our age and skill-oriented sessions are designed to help players develop essential skills both on and off the field in authentic soccer contexts.

  • When: December 21st to 24th 2020

  • Where: Lark Wu Mart Houshayu Basketball Gymnasium (百灵鸟物美后沙峪篮球体育馆)

  • Time: 9.00 am to 12.00 noon

  • Age Groups: 6 – 13 years (divided into different groups)

  • Price: 1.750 RMB/week (excl. shuttle)
    Booking on a daily basis on request.

  • Shuttle 150,- RMB/week from Chaoyang (Park Avenue, Liangmaqiaolu/Yansha Qiao) and Beijing Riviera

Registrations are only possible trough Beijing Kickers. Please use the following registration form or contact us for further information. Payments can be arranged here via WeChat.

1Insurance / 保险
2Program / 项目
3Child / 孩子
4Parents / 家长
5Rules & GTC / 一般条款和免责声明