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Junior Coaching @ Honglingjin Park

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Training Time and Location – Autumn Program 2018

Honglingjin Park (inside 4th ring road): Honglingjin Park, inside (west) of 4th ring road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  • Monday, course language: English
    03 September to 17 December 2018:
    Japanese school, grade 3/4/5: 3.00-4.30 pm
    03 September to 10 December 2018 + 07.01.2019:
    grade 3/4/5 (born 01.09.2007 – 31.08.2010): 4.30-6.00 pm
  • Tuesday, course language: English
    04 September to 11 December 2018 + 08 January 2019
    grade 1/2 (born 01.09.2010 – 31.08.2012): 4.00-5.15 pm
    grade 3/4/5 (born 01.09.2007 – 31.08.2010): 5.00-6.30 pm
  • Thursday, course language: English
    06 September to 13 December 2018 + 10 January 2019
    grade 3/4/5 (born 01.09.2007 – 31.08.2010): 5.00-6.30 pm
    grade 6/7/8 (born 01.09.2004 – 31.08.2007): 5.30-7.00 pm
  • Friday, course language: English
    07 September to 14 December 2018 + 11 January 2019
    grade 1/2 (born 01.09.2010 – 31.08.2012): 4.30-5.45 pm

  • Saturday, course language: English
    01 September to 15 December 2018
    girls football (born 01.09.2009 – 31.08.2012): 8.45-9.45 am
    Preschool/Kindergarten (born 01.09.2012 – 31.08.2014): 8.45-9.45 am
    grade 1/2 (born 01.09.2010 – 31.08.2012): 9.45-11.00 am
    grade 3/4/5 (born 01.09.2007 – 31.08.2010): 11.00-12.30 noon
    grade 6/7/8 (born 01.09.2004 – 31.08.2007): 12.30-2.00 pm
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Price Policy – Autumn Program 2018

  • 1 x per week:
    1.980 RMB

  • 2 x per week:
    3.150 RMB

  • Season Package (Sunday match + unlimited training):
    3.450 RMB

  • Shuttle One-way: 25 RMB
    Shuttle Roundtrip: 50 RMB
  • Beijing Kickers Uniform:
    (A new Beijing Kickers uniform – including shorts, socks and a bag – is required for all players)
    180 RMB

  • Families who register more than one child receive a 15% discount for their second and any additional child.
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Registration & Payment

Please register for the Beijing Kickers Junior Coaching program using the following registration form. Payments can be made either in cash at the first training session or via WeChat.

1Program / 项目
2Child / 孩子
3Parents / 家长
4Rules & GTC / 一般条款和免责声明


Beijing Kickers teams play in six different age groups (7-14 years old) in the Beijing International Junior Football League”.As well as occasionally taking part in football tournaments held in Beijing. Ambitious teams will be given opportunities to participate in national and international tournaments. Fixture and standing can be found here.

Are you still indecisive whether your child has already reached the level of league play or if it feels comfortable in a competitive environment? Come along and cheer on your child and their team mates at the Sunday league games, it’s a great way to watch the progress your child is making while playing with friends.

Camps & Events

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Language and communication are an essential part of the learning process.  The Beijing Kickers team is multilingual and ensure that language misunderstandings do not arise. In addition, the mutual exchange between coach and child is a key point in our training philosophy. A successful workout can only be achieved via a good dialogue with the kids.


  • If a Beijing Kickers Training program is not completed in full, a full refund will be made. When a participant decides to withdraw from a program up to 2 days before the beginning, a 100% refund is guaranteed.

  • If after the first session of a program a participant no longer wishes to continue, a 75% refund is guaranteed. No refunds will be made after the second lesson.

  • If a participant is not able to continue the program for medical reasons (a medical certificate is required as proof), a pro-rata refund for the value of the remaining classes will be made.

We are basically making every effort to ensure the availability of our venues.

Occasionally it may happen that our program needs to be changed at short notice due to unavailability of venues. In this case, we will try to arrange either a make-up class, extra lesson or offer an alternative venue.

Weather & Air Quality (AQI)


Beijing Kickers Junior Coaching programs are carried out regardless of the weather. Exceptions are outdoor classes where play must be assessed as dangerous in bad weather.

It may happen that when deciding to cancel a class we can’t contact all the parents in time to inform them accordingly.  In case of cancellation due to weather (or poor air quality) Beijing Kickers will make every effort to organize a make-up class. However, this cannot be guaranteed. In this case, no refund will be given.

Air Quality Index (AQI)

If two hours before the scheduled start of the class the AQI exceeds 210, the program will not take place and parents will receive a short notice via SMS. This policy applies only to outdoor events. Indoor classes are not affected and are independent of the AQI level.

If an event has already begun and the AQI increases beyond this limit, it will continue until the end.   All our coaches are encouraged to adapt the activities to the changed conditions.